Move Staff Move

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After spending an awesome day getting our students engaged in learning, it can sometimes leave you exhausted.  Now it’s time for a meeting after school and you’re wondering where are you going to get the energy to make it through another hour.  Look no further!! Boost your energy by beginning your meetings with some moving.  Take advantage of the Staff Fitness Break cards.  Lead a 5-minute warm-up or post them around the room to get your staff going.  Just a few minutes of moving can make a world of a difference.    Click the link below to assess Staff Task cards for your next meeting.  


Tip of the Day: Love Your Leftovers!

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Plan for a ‘leftovers night’ at the end of the week to reduce food waste and to save the time you would usually spend on meal prep. Take all your leftovers out of the fridge and mix and match flavors that go well together.  Check out tips for meal planning made easy and on food waste.  Be sure to visit CCS Wellness website for more healthy tips and opportunities.An image of leftover food in containers placed in the refrigator

Tip of the Day: Eating out?

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Planning to dine out with family and friends?  Be sure to decode the menu to choose healthier options.  Navigate the buffet and look for items that are roasted, baked, braised, broiled, poached, seared, grilled, steamed, or sauteed.  The saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars found in foods and beverages are important for you to think about as you build your healthy eating style.  Learn more about Choosing Foods and Beverages.

Cumberland Road Elementary Asthma Parent Session

Image of the facilitator speaking to a group parents.Cumberland Road Elementary held their first Parent Wellness Session on January 25th.  Parents gathered to receive resources, materials, and the facts on managing their child with Asthma.  One of our very own School Health Advisory Council members, Holly Lawing, Pediatric Asthma Coordinator of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center led the session.  One goal of our sessions is to reduce absences related to chronic diseases. Parents learned the signs and symptoms of when rescue inhalers are not enough and controlled medication should be considered.  All parents received a packet containing the proper school form for an asthma medication plan, an asthma tracker booklet, and a resource guide for living with asthma.  They were also able to take home necessary equipment such as spacers and nebulizer kits.  The proper use of the equipment was demonstrated by Ms. Lawing.  Parents were encouraged to ask specific questions and express their concerns for their child.  At the conclusion of the session Kenya Mathis, 4th and 5th grade parent stated, “I loved it.”